Delhi Watch Company. Our aim is simple, we want to provide value for your money. 

I started this company as a watch aficionado myself, searching for mechanical watches at an affordable price range in India. As a big fan of HMT, the one thing I admired the most about them was the fact that they were true watchmakers that focused on the craft. We will never be able to replace or replicate what they had created, which was nothing less than a revolution in the Indian horology world. But as HMT shut shop/slowed operations, there was nothing new coming to the market that captured the wearers imagination like HMT did. Thats where I though we could bring value. 

DWC's aim is to make attractive and contemporary watches using new and historic refurbished movements. DWC launched its' first mechanical watch VAYU in July 2022, and thanks to you guys, we managed to sell out our first batch within a week! 

Thanks for reading, and we hope to deliver a watch to you soon.





DWC is a brand under the KOS Accessories LLP umbrella.