About Us

Delhi Watch Company was created to try and level up the game of affordable watches in India. For too long, the same 3-4 watchmakers have dominated and have made the same old boring designs, and not innovated much due to a lack of competition.

This is where we come in. We are here to make affordable luxury watches that look great, feel great and work great. 

Taking inspiration from some of the best watches in the world we designed our first model, the ''Midnight Watch''. The watch was designed to be sleek (all black design), comfortable (premium vegan leather strap) and durable (stainless steel case). With these 3 qualities we also wanted to ensure that the watch was wearable for all looks, formal or sporty. 

Why do we have such limited number of designs? It's because lower SKU's allow us to focus our resources on achieving high quality on the products we have. We are small, local company, with a modest amount of capital. If we diversified our range, we wouldn't be able to ensure the quality. Hopefully, with your support, DWC can reach a place of multiple colours, variations etc. 

While the smaller (and a few of the big ones) players in the watch market in India have mainly taken the easy way out, by sourcing their watches from China, we decided to stay local. Our manufacturing partner has decades of experience in the horology industry in India and is based in Delhi. We are proud to be a Made in India Company. 

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DWC is a brand under the KOS Accessories LLP umbrella.