DWC is a microbrand based out of India. We pride ourselves on our designs and our ability to make extremely high quality watches that are accessible for all. DWC began its journey in 2020 during the pandemic. Our first few ranges of watches consisted only of quartz watches, where we experimented with designs and materials. 

After a few hits and misses, we entered the mechanical watch range. Using refurbished movements from HMT and Citizen, we created our first 3 series, Vayu, Summit and Heritage, each providing a completely unique look, at an extremely affordable price point, which was a huge success with you guys! 

However, there was one major drawback. Using refurbished movements, meant a higher default rate in them. We serviced and checked them multiple times over before dispatching to customers, but still couldn't solve for the default rate, which was close to 20%. As a microbrand, it was extremely tough to manage the repairs and servicing required, and it completely ate into any growth we had planned. After strenuous R&D, we kept coming back to one solution, using new movements, and finding the best factories.

With this in mind, we envisioned that in order to make the best watch possible, we have to look for the best of everything we can get; case, glass, movement holder, dial etc. to compliment the new movement. We began our sourcing and searched the world over and found the best suppliers for these parts, which culminated into Vayu 2.0.

This also led us to push ourselves in the quartz space. We are now aiming on bringing some fresh quartz designs using multifunction, chronograph and other complications. Stay tuned for some amazing designs. 

The most common question we get is why are watches are never in stock. To give you an honest answer, we are still quite a young company that faces cashflow issues. Given the long production cycle of a watch, it's tough to maintain stock and release new designs as well. So to help answer the question this is our launch schedule for the next 3 months:  

July - July 26th Vayu reveal on our instagram @delhiwatchcompany

August - New Mechaquartz Design

September - Havelock Restock


Thanks for reading, and we hope to deliver a watch to you soon.



DWC is a brand under the KOS Accessories LLP umbrella.